This is where all ongoing Wikia Projects get listed, so if you want to do a major contribution this is the place to check

If you take up a project just leave a comment on this page at the bottom and once done make a reply or edit the original comment saying that it is done and a moderator will check that everything (minus spelling/grammar correct) is done on the project mandate and then take it off this list and add you to the Wall of Fame (WoF) for your contribution(s). Here is a List of images we need: Voltz Wiki:Image Farm

  • Tutorial's
    • We need some Tutorial's in the way of Focused activities to explain the machines and items,*NOT* in the style of a minecraft Let's play series.
    • Until the Wiki is filled out 100% this is a Super low prioity right now.
    • A Minimum of 5 video's are needed to get added to the WoF.

  • Converting Item and Block Pages to the Correct format.
    • Advanced Wikia editors needed here. We want pages to eventually mirror the Tekkit Wikia, if you can show that you can edit pages to that exact format.
    • This includes doing side panels and the click through recipes, although you don't have to worry so much about the images for now.

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