Welcome to the Editing Guide,

This is Currently a Work in Progress Document.

We recommend that you read Wingsrtike editing blog for help with editing pages: Wingstrike's editing blog.

Looking for Moderators, please view application for Voltz Wikia staff for the requirements and then message a member of staff if interested and you comply with the requirements.


  • Adding Icons for all the items so that the recipe system can work properly. The format for the icons must be in .png format that is exactly 32 by 32px on a transparent background.

Adding Tutorial Pages

Please add new pages with your tutorial on it instead of editing the main tutorial page, then just edit the main page to add the link to your tutorial.

Adding Copyrighted Images

Images that are displayed at Voltz Wiki remain the property of their original creators, and are only included on this website for purposes of illustration under fair use guidelines. Unless the original author of the image expressly grants permission, images do not fall under the scope of the Creative Commons License.

Spelling and Typos

Don't worry so much about spelling and typos as there is a small army's worth of guys that can do small rewrites to fix spelling and grammar so just focus on adding content and filling out the wiki

Adding videos to non-tutorial articles

When adding in videos to articles that are not Tutorials please add them to the end of the page under the heading ==Videos==.

Naming Conventions

Please Adhere to the following:

  • Images:
When Adding in Images that are for Items name it in the following manner,
Grid_(material if its an item)_(the item or block).png
so Example would be for a wooden Pick:
And Netherbrick would be:

Use {{Grid/Crafting Table}} to do crafting Recipes.

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